Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
— Albert Camus

Hi, I am Jutta

jutta small 7.jpg


And I can so relate to the quote above.


For a long time, I felt like a misfit. Like the odd one out. Strange. Not seen.

Because of that I started to role play. Behaved in a way I thought is relate-able. Was pleasant, nice, and very interested in asking questions first so that nobody would ask me about myself.

I couldn't feel myself and I was constantly searching for that elusive inner core of who I truly was.


And while I felt so lost, I also always had that feeling that I had some big purpose I couldn't quite grasp.


So I kept looking. I was as a moderately successful artist. I traveled extensively. I wrote two books. I worked as a photojournalist in war zones. I jumped out of airplanes and appeared on TV.

In the end, it took for me to move 10 000 km away from home, to a place I've never been to before, to slowly let go of the layers of protection I had wrapped around me.

Because I came from a different culture, spoke a different language, I was expected to be different.


And this allowed me to get more and more in touch with what felt genuine and real.


I realized that I was very good at seeing through the masks people put on. And that I could so understand why they felt they needed to pretend in the first place.

Because I never felt seen, I had developed the ability to see others.


For the last 15 years, it is my business to help creatives, change makers, uplifters and visionaries in hiding to say yes to their calling. And to earn an income with it :-).


When you work through your deepest wound, it will turn into the gift you are here to offer. Once you have transformed yourself, you can inspire transformation in others. All you need is already within you.


I can help you to see yourself for who you truly are, and to turn the longing you feel into a fulfilling, sustainable business.



I work in English and German.



And if you are curious about my personal life, you can find lots here: Tales of Love and Chocolate



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