The Alchemist's Adventure




Is it time my love?



As an Alchemist, you have a responsibility to become a beacon of light for people looking for transformation.

You also have a responsibility to fully embrace your humaness and enjoy your life on earth! 

This includes being wealthy, and experiencing all the joys and pleasures of being an embodied spirit.


The ‘Alchemist's adventure’ is a 40-Day long online course that reconnects you with your power as a conscious creator.  


All you ever needed to create a life you truly love is already present within you, right now. 

We have bought into limitations, lack mentality, and the idea that we are controlled by circumstances.


These are all just concepts, and can be changed by you at any time.  




Introducing the 'Alchemist's Adventure'!

A 40 Day Journey to Conscious Reality Creation




The ‘Alchemist's Adventure’ will take you on a journey of remembering who you truly are:

A spirit currently partly embodied.

A powerful creator.

Multi-dimensional, infinite and eternal.

A hologram of All-that-is.

A one-of-a-kind being who has something unique to offer!



Over 40 days, we take the scenic way HOME


To start off, we will climb


The Mount of Found


Here you are taught all the basics you already know, but had to forget in order to experience yourself as a spirit having a human experience. 

You will be introduced to things that FEEL right and light and expansive no matter if you can wrap your brain around them fully or not (some of the stuff we talk about might get your mind to boggle a bit :) ).


But keep climbing and you will reach the





From here, you can create the land, as far as you can see.

In exactly the way you want it to be!

(poetic, isn't it?)


Sunflower fields? Done!

A hunk of a guy or a pretty maiden, waiting for you? Sure!

An ocean and another ocean and yet another one? You've got it!

Money growing on trees? Why not!

Lovely clients wanting to work with you? Yes!

Even fancy shoes and private jets. If that's your thing, it will be there for you!


Enjoy the vista from this place in the clouds, 'cause next up we get back down to earth to:



The Portal of Precision


To pass, you have to DECIDE.

Once you do, mountains will move! (Not the Mount of Found though, we've gotta leave that for other travellers to find :) ).

Don't pass through here lightly, your decision will change EVERYTHING about your world.



Road trip'in


Next, we've got a long-ish stretch of putting one foot in front of the other...

Climbing fences

Swimming through ravines

Rolling bolders out of the way....

It might not be flying, but it will still be fun! And rewarding. And really, really, REALLY exciting!

Because here you get your human brain and body on board and shape your path EXACTLY how you want it.


And then we reach



Mellow Meadow


Where you accept all you have created, revel in it, soak it up, enjoy enjoy enjoy, and finally allow it to turn into your 'new normal'. 


At which point you realise your feet have been itching for quite a while already.

And that you would love to see the summit of Mount Found again. Which is cool because now you know the way, and can set off on your own! 


Sounds good?


Then join us!

40 Days to CONSCIOUSLY create your Reality!


The Alchemist’s Academy Self-Study Version:

One time payment of 333 Euro


Three monthly payments of 120 Euro


Before you pay, you sign up and create a password. This will then allow you to access the course through the ‘Log In’ button in the navigation bar above.


The Alchemist’s Adventure VIP Version:

With the VIP version, you get the self-study course plus 5 one-on-one, tailored to you 60 minute coaching and healing sessions to sky-rocket your results!

One time payment of 999 Euro


5 monthly payments of 222 Euro



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