It’s time to finally remember who you are:

A spirit currently partly embodied.

A powerful creator.

Multi-dimensional, infinite and eternal.

A hologram of All-that-is.

A one-of-a-kind being who has something unique to offer!


feather long-min.png

Over the next 40 days, we take the scenic way HOME

By coming along on this ALCHEMIST’S Adventure, you will:

Get clear on what you long for, aka embrace your true VISION.

Find out what stands in the way of you ALLOWING yourself to be there now - and then let that shit go!

Put in place powerful habits of thinking, feeling & acting AS IF!

Uplevel your life in every area, big and small!

Look at your money story, open up to receiving, and stop the sabotage.

Find out what truly moves the needle in your life, and then focus only on that.

There is daily content to get you into flow, support from me in our facebook group, and plenty of powerful actions to implement!

In short, This is A step-by-step blueprint to unleash the power of YOU!



Sounds good?

Then join us!

We have started our journey together on January 10th, 2019, but you can still come along until 24.1.19.

We are meeting in a closed facebook group with daily access to me for questions and support, weekly lifestreams, and the opportunity to connect with your fellow Adventurers. 


One time payment of 333 Euro

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Three monthly payments of 120 Euro

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Before you pay, you sign up and create a password. This will then allow you to access the course through the ‘Log In’ button in the navigation bar above.




With the VIP version, you’ll receive the course plus 3 one-on-one, tailored to you, powerful 60 minute coaching and healing sessions to sky-rocket your results!

This is currently the only way to work with me one-on-one.

Space is of course limited

One time payment of 999 Euro

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3 monthly payments of 399 Euro

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