Supporting creative women with a big vision

LIVE in Berlin

27th and 28th of October 2018

A blueprint to creating a life on purpose, in alignment, and filled with joy and abundance


The Alchemist’s Academy is coming to you live!

I am so so SO excited about this!!!!

The material I teach in the Academy is what allowed me to create a life totally on my own terms. 

A life of freedom, of connection, of love, of beauty, of abundance. 
A life of living fully on purpose. 

All of this is available to you too, and I can show you how to get there. 

Of course, if you want the results, you’ve got to be willing to do what it takes. 

But the great thing about creating a life that is in alignment with who you are is that what it takes is what FITS you.

Yes, it might be uncomfortable in the beginning. We so often get used to living below standard, to compromise, to accepting the status quo, to doing things we know on some level are not great for us, but they are just so comfortable in the moment. 

It’s like you know that you won’t get fit and healthy and lose weight if you spend most of your time lying on the couch eating donughts. If you’ve been doing this for a while, it will be uncomfortable in the beginning to break the habit.

But once you do, you will feel SO. MUCH. BETTER!

It’s the same with consciously creating a life you love. Yes, there are things you’ll gonna do that go ‘against the grain’, and against what you have practiced for a long time. 

A lot of the stuff you’ll learn is thought of as ‘unrealistic’ by a lot of people. 

But so what!

It works, it is very, very powerful, and it’s good for you :). And with that, through extension, it’s good for everybody else you come into contact with. 

You will become an inspiration to others without even trying. 

So, what does all that mean, practically?

In the Alchemist’s Academy, I will show you how to Consciously Create.

Meaning we take the guesswork, the randomness, the doubts out of it, and you become fully aware that: Yes, it is actually you who is creating your reality, exactly as it is. 

And if there is something in it that you don’t like, you can change it.

It is ALWAYS an inner journey first!

There are some amazing shortcuts to living the life you want a lot quicker than you think is humanly possible.

Time is at your service.

In fact, everything is at your service.


Because it is all YOU.

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 Your host

My name is Jutta Dobler, and I have been working as a healer, coach and teacher of conscious reality creation for over 15 years.

After 18 years in Africa my daughter and I are now living in Berlin together with Lucy, who is a small dog with very big ears.

I am so passionate about helping others thrive, especially people who feel like the ‘odd one out’. You are different because you agreed to bring in a new perspective, a new reality!

Isn’t it time you embrace your Calling!

 What you will learn:

  • How it all works in theory

  • Clarity on what you want

  • Getting in alignment with your big vision

  • Determining your purpose work 

  • Clarity on your message

  • The beliefs that are standing in your way

  • And how to change them

  • Your personal daily habits that will lead to creating your best life

  • Upgrading your life incrementally NOW already

  • The Mindset Shifts you need to make

  • How to uplevel your money story

  • Giving yourself permission to let it all in!

In short, a blueprint to living your life on purpose, in alignment, and filled with joy and abundance. 

Whom is this for?

Heart-centered Entrepreneurs


Blueprint Changers

Alchemists, aka people who change things for the better

Star seeds

And anybody else who wants to create a life with purpose, in integrity, and in total alignment with who they are

How does it work?

Two days, live in Berlin


A 40 day self-study online course

Live workshop only: 222 Euro

Online course only: 333 Euro

Both: 444 Euro

Both plus a one-on-one Alchemy Session: 555 Euro

 Yes, you CAN create a life you’re totally in love with.

A life you don’t need a vacation from!

And you can live your Calling, contribute what you’re on fire for, and get paid for being you.

Plus, you can do all this daily, repeatedly, consciously.

What we will do

Introduce you to all the tools you need to powerfully, CONSCIOUSLY create your best life

Call in your BIG VISION

FIND and then REPLACE limiting beliefs and old patterns that hold you back

Learn the number one thing that makes reality creation SO. MUCH. EASIER!

Find out how to UPGRADE your life NOW!

Date & location

Saturday 27th of October from 10h00 - 16h00

Sunday 28th of October from 10h00 - 14h00

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Place is limited!

197 Euro

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