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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Starchild Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


When the chariot finds you, it is likely that You are entering a new period in your life. 


This card teaches you to take two opposites and, instead of being pulled back and forth between them, to allow them both to be.

Liberation and limitation do in fact belong together, and the second is needed to achieve the first. 

It’s about taking the ego and the subconscious, and allowing them to co-exist without being drawn into self-destructive behaviour or narcissism. 


Anything you are excited about, anything you want to achieve, requires some limitations to get you there. 


Your work wants you to move forward with grace and power. It knows that you will win! This is no reason to become arrogant. Instead, it is an invitation to be secure in who you are, and in your way forward.  

The Chariot is courageous and not afraid to face things head on. She participates in life, and trusts that she will know what to do in any situation. 


Think about how you present yourself to the world. Who are you? This is a card that speaks of autonomy, of following your own path, of being authentic and clear on who you are. 


It is time to really focus on the task at hand. Do what you know you want to do. But at the same time stay open to the voice of your intuition. The Chariot asks you to combine your soul and your ego, to use both to bring out your best work.


Take yourself seriously! You have what it takes, and you can make happen what you want. 

Know that about yourself, and then take action. Use your willpower and stop fooling around. You have to take responsibility for the direction your life takes. 


Find your sense of self worth, know that you can do hard things, and don’t become too hung up on your ego. 


Working with the Chariot:


Write a list of your achievements.

All the small and big wins you had. All the times you succeeded against the odds, the times you did what others told you you couldn’t do. The times you held onto your vision, even if you didn’t ‘win’ in financial terms. 


Find your next goal.

Where would you like to be three months from now? What do you want to have achieved? Which project would you like to have started or finished? 

Focus on one project (finish your book, grow your email list by 1000, create an online course or an in-person workshop…), one personal goal (like getting fit, regular meditation, dress nicely every day) and one other goal (date night once a week, clear your clutter, get back into photography…). 


Once you have your three things you want to achieve in the next three months, break them down into action steps.

What has to happen for you to get there?

Write down all the steps you can think of in no particular order (like: book a personal trainer, by a course or renew your gym membership, get chips, chocolate, alcohol etc out of the house and buy lots of fruit and veggies. Get a blender. Create an exercise plan. Decide on how to eat. Get recipes together. Find some beautiful yoga pants. Start jogging every morning when you take out the dog. Find a public pool near you. etc)

Once you did a brain dump of all the action steps you can think of, bring them into a structured form and put them into your calendar. 


And then do them, every day! 


Plus, come up with a reward when you reached your goal. Choose something worthy of the power and beauty of the Chariot!