The High Priestess

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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Starchild Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


When the high priestess comes to you, it is time to trust the wisdom of your heart.


What are you called to do? Alone time will help you illuminate what you can't see clearly yet. The High Priestess is connected to your inner world and speaks to you in symbols. She invites you into the mysteries of the spiritual world.


If you were drawn to this card, your vision wants you to know that now is the time to turn inwards. Let what you have learned and experienced compost, meaning allow it the time it needs to turn into fertile soil out of which your great work can rise. 


There are plenty of riches you carry within, and there is much more that can be discovered through dreams, symbols and the guidance of your intuition.

Allow yourself to be pulled to things that interest you, without giving much thought to the ‘usefulness’ of what you are called to. Your unconscious knows what enriches you, and what can trigger a spark that can grow quickly into a creative fire. 


Don’t worry if not everything makes logical sense right now. Allow things to be indescribable for a while. Go beyond conscious understanding and immerse yourself in the mystery instead of trying to explain it. 

Your intuition will guide you now. Listen to the things you can’t pin down. Your dreams, your visions, song texts that stand out, animals you encounter…


The answers are all there for you to discover, keep a loose hold on them and don’t try to pin them down. Allow things to be exactly as they are, and whatever you need to know next will rise. 


Some things you can do when you drew the High Priestess:


Keep a dream journal. 

Put it next to your bed, and if you wake up at night and remember a dream, write it down immediately. Before you go to sleep, decide that you will remember your dreams, and ask for them to reveal something to you. 


Create a ritual for yourself. 

You could for example start to be more aware of the moon and its cycles. 

During the new moon, set your intentions for the next cycle. The new moon is a new beginning, a fresh start. Write down what you would like to release and burn it, and then get very clear on what you would like to create in this new cycle.

Full moon is a time of completion. Look back over the last two weeks, see what you have created, what has worked and what didn’t, and celebrate your achievements. The full moon is also a great time to recharge your crystals. Put them out in the moon light so that they can be cleared and refreshed. 


Writing to access your intuition

If you are feeling stuck or are questioning what to do about something, connect with your intuition through writing. 

First write down your question with the hand you normally write with. Then take the pen into your other hand, and answer with this one. This allows you to bypass your logical thinking and instead access your inner knowing. Once you feel you are connected to the ‘flow’, you can switch to your dominant hand to be able to write faster. 

Another way to bring up answers is to write: ‘I feel’ at the top of the page, and then let come up whatever wants to come. This can be a very effective way to access your subconscious


In any case, know that you are now ready to receive the secrets the High Priestess is guarding!