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Clarity! This beautiful word is closely connected to the Ace of Swords. This is the card of knowing. 


Like a bolt of lightning, insight hits you. But like lightning, you have to grasp it quickly before it’s gone again. 


There is tremendous mental clarity and potential present in the ace. If this card shows up, it is time to get crystal clear about your motives. 

Hidden agendas don’t have a chance against the Ace of Swords. Things you have ignored, beliefs you carry around about your work, self-doubt and pretence...  all those things can now get exposed, and with that, healed or changed.


Use your brain to get really clear on the work you want to do. Be honest and straight, with yourself and with others. 

This card also speaks of sudden insights. If you have been stuck with your project or work, you can now expect a flash of clarity and knowing that will cut through the haze.


The Ace of Sword can also show up as a green light.

If you have been unsure about taking a particular action, or going in a new direction, the Ace of Swords lets you know that the path forward is clear, if you go about it in a logical way. 


With the Ace of Swords in your hands, you can face down uncertainty, and clearly see your big idea. Use it as a beacon to guide you, and birth what is yours to bring forth. 



Working with the Ace of Swords:


create a movie in your head


If you are having difficulties, either with your work or with other people, use the Ace of Swords to help you find clarity.

In your minds eye, see yourself walking into a movie theatre. On the big screen, a movie is playing, and you realise with astonishment that you are the main actor.

On the screen, you see how the problem you are currently having gets resolved beautifully (For example: 'You have an amazing idea for your next course', 'Your partner apologises for his past behaviour', 'You receive an email saying somebody wants to buy your work or become your client').

Watch the exhilaration and happiness the main character (you :-) ) feels. Don't censor yourself here, allow the most ideal solution to occur even if you can't imagine yet how that might happen.

While you watch, you realise that you are holding a remote.


Pause the victory scene, and then rewind the movie to the beginning, and watch the story unfold.


What happened before the beautiful solution occurred?

What did the main character do?

What needed to happen for the situation to resolve itself as it did in your movie?


And then do just that in your real life!


To give you an example:

Let's say your problem is that you currently feel uninspired, unmotivated and don't seem to be able to get started on the online course you are planning to put together. 

The scene you see on the movie screen when you enter the theatre is you admiring the beautiful, transformational, clear online course you just finished creating. 

Then your rewind the movie. 

You see yourself in the state you are in now (uninspired etc.). Instead of turning in circles like you do in your real life, the movie You buys a ticket, packs her bag, and flies to Ibiza for the weekend. There you have an amazing time exploring the island, swimming, taking beautiful pictures, making friends with a cat, and eating delicious food in the sunshine.

On the plane ride back you realise that you are buzzing with ideas. Your well has been refilled, and the course that seemed impossible to get started flows out of you.