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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


the four of wands comes with two different meanings:


Firstly, this is a card of celebration!

You have created a strong foundation for yourself,  so take some time to really acknowledge and celebrate this! You might not be at your destination yet, but you are definitely on your way and 'on target'.

Are you aware that you are on a sacred journey? And that you have come far already?


You could see drawing this card as a sign that it's time for a party! Acknowledge the people in your life who are rooting for you, and who support and help you with your mission. Show your gratitude through inviting them to a celebration or a dinner. 



Secondly, the Four of Wands talks to you about the circumstances in which you work and live. 


What do your surroundings look like?

Are there are lot of distraction, either through other people or through stuff you have lying around. 

Is your workspace clear and beautiful?

Are you comfortable doing your work or are you too cold, too cramped, too distracted?


Your surroundings, both within your own four walls and outside of them, can inspire your big vision or pull you away from it. 


Some questions to ask yourself: 

Are you in the right space? Live in the right city? Would you prefer birdsong to the noise of the garbage truck (or the other way around)?

How is your work inspired by where you live?

How could you change your environment to feel better?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who support you?


Ways of working with the Four of Wands:


  1. Throw a party!
  2. Can you include more ritual or ceremony into your life? Both are important to build a framework of 'all is right-ness'. They help to keep you energised, inspired and connected to the deeper meaning in the work you do. 
  3. Get clear on your ideal place to live and work. What is currently missing? Are there ways in which you can integrate these absent parts? For example, if you feel isolated working alone most of the day, find co-working partners. Or go to a cafe. Or create a mastermind group or buddy and check in with them/her daily via Skype.