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The Rider Waite Tarot


For me, there are two main meanings to the card of strength:


Firstly, it speaks to you of taming the wild. Not through force but through patience. 


To translate that to your heart’s work: Now is the time to be patient and receptive. To be vulnerable. 

You have to wait for your work to approach you. To trust you enough to show itself. This is not necessarily an easy task.

It requires first of all that you are clear on what you want, and then to allow it to reveal itself, all the while staying open and receptive. 


This card is not about doing nothing. Instead it’s about having the trust and faith that what belongs to you will find you. You don’t have to force it to come. In fact, you can’t force it. 

Like the lion, you have to be strong, confident and calm. Don’t try to overcome a problem. Instead, work with it. 

Strength is the card of patient mastery. It will take time to become a master in your craft. Strength accepts that and works with it. This card is about playing the long game.


Be courageous enough to look your demons in the eye, and let them be. Do what needs to be done, and have patience and compassion both for yourself and for others.



Secondly, strength is a card of opposites, of extremes. 


It can be moody and solemn, prone to fits of temper and bursts of annoyance. 

When you have drawn this card, you might eat too much or you might starve yourself, depending if the grip you have onto your 'wild, instinctive' nature is loose or tight.

You can be a passionate lover, and you can become celibate without warning.

You probably also pivot between self confidence and irrational timidity. And when you feel timid, you can make yourself truly weak and frightened.

Basically, you can turn yourself into a pussy cat, and you might get stuck that way. 

If this resonates with you, your work is reminding you of your innate power and courage, and of the rightness of being yourself. There is a reason for all that you are! 

Decide, right now, to believe in yourself!



Working with Strength:


Firstly, become aware of who you are! A lioness, a creature that is wild, courageous and very powerful.

If you have forgotten this, all the patience in the world will not connect you to your life's work. 

You have to find your lion heart first.


The easiest way to do this is to just know that it is there. If you have drawn this card, the mighty lion is with you, and in you. 

Surround yourself with her energy.

Find a photo of a lion, hang it up. Or enlarge one of the cards above if they speak to you. 

Get a toy lion.

Roar loudly during your walk in nature, or while you take a shower or drive your car. 

Go through your day being aware that you've got this! You are the queen of the (concrete) jungle. You are the ruler of the pack!


Once you feel connected again to your true nature, your work can approach you, because now know that you are worthy of it.