The Hermit

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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Starchild Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


The hermit is asking you to strongly focus within


If you chose this card, your work is telling you to stop listening to everybody else’s opinion. YOU are the one chosen to birth your vision, so trust that you have what it takes.

Withdraw. Let go of the need to ask others what they think. Free yourself (at the moment) from outside influences and come back to what you want to create. 

Really do the work YOU want to do. At this time, don’t open yourself up to criticism and well meaning input. 

Don't let anybody tell you that this tiny sprout looks nothing like an oak tree. Instead, know and trust the potential inherent in your work. 

Give your work space and give yourself the freedom to find your own way to it from within.

Yes, it takes strength to turn away from the expectations of others, but it is needed now for your work to become truly authentic.


For me, the Hermit is also the card of the Introvert. 

You are sitting in your shell, secure and protected, and at the same time you are sharing and shining your light. 

It reminds us that all creation happens from the Inside Out. By becoming centred first, it will be much easier to be a clear channel for inspiration to come through.



Working with the Hermit:


It is time now to truly connect with your vision.

Trust yourself to know how to do this. It can be through mediation. Through taking long walks. Through loosely holding an idea, toying with it, letting it show itself to you. 


A great way to work with the Hermit is to journal. Write about what you can feel brewing within.


Some questions to ask yourself:

Who am I?

What am I here to do?

What do I need to do my best work?


Write whatever comes up. These questions are very complex, so accept that you won't find comprehensive answers. Instead, trust that what you write down is what you need to know at the moment.

And then respect what came through.


Once you are clear, it's time to set boundaries!


You have to give to yourself what you need to get your work done, even if it feels silly or self-indulgent. 

For example, I am an introvert and need a LOT of time alone. If I don't get this, I feel exhausted and confused, and not creative at all. So I really safeguard my alone time, even if my friends don't understand why I don't want to meet more often. 

A friend of mine is a night owl. She creates best in the evenings, and so choses to meet friends for lunch or breakfast instead of dinner. This allows her to do her work when it comes through easiest. 


There are no right or wrong answers here. The Hermit asks you to become your own guardian, and to create the inner space and the external conditions that allow you to birth your vision.