The Star

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Starchild Tarot

The Starchild Tarot

The Rider Waite Tarot

The Rider Waite Tarot


You have been found by this beautiful visionary!


Can you hear your work calling you? Here are some questions it might ask:

What is your north star?

What guides you?

What is it you trust in? 


To be able to follow your own star, you have to let go of the way ‘things are done’. 

This can be quite difficult, as there is safety and a feeling of belonging when you do things the same way as everybody else. 


The Star is asking you to find YOUR way! 

Sit down and get really clear on how you would create what you want to create if nobody would ever see it, and if money would be no objection. Do what your heart calls you to do. 


Be a freak. Be a weirdo. Don’t fit in. This is what your work is asking of you! And this is how, ultimately, you will truly stand out. 


The star is beautifully and fully authentic. Nothing to hide. No bells and whistles and no pretence.

Just being who you are, and being totally comfortable with it. 


The star is also a card of healing. When you finally accept yourself for who you are, you are whole, and with that, you are healed.


Also, the star shows you that you are always connected to the source of creativity that never runs dry. Listen to its whisper. What are you being inspired to create? 

And when you hear it, go for it with your whole heart, with all you have, and without any thought of practicalities. 


Who you are has always been enough, and it has always been perfect for what you are here to birth!


Working with the Star:


Finding your trust

The Star knows that all is well, exactly as it is. But if you can't see that it's not very helpful. Take this card as the sign that all truly is well!

How would you feel if you allowed yourself to believe this?

If you knew that you are indeed exactly in the right place, and that all is unfolding just like you planned it before you came into this body?

Take some time, maybe after doing the Golden Sand Meditation, to really feel into this. Allow yourself to let go of the tight hold you have on staying in control, managing things, actively shaping the course of your life and trying to change the way things are....

How does that feel?

Can you feel yourself relax? Do your shoulders drop? Does your face soften?


When you drew the Star, your work wants you to know that you cannot miss it. It won't let you! 

Use what delights you as your guide.


Do what you feel called to do, and let your excitement guide you to your true calling, your own personal North Star.