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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


From nothingness to infinity! 


The fool is the card of new beginnings. 

It is a wonderful card if you are starting a new project! Faith, trust, passion and adventure are all connected to the Fool. 


No matter how ‘old’ your project is, when your vision shows you the fool, it’s time to re-kindle the excitement you used to feel. 


The fool is not thinking about the best way. Trying the cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Instead, the fool sets off into the wild with no thought to possible dangers. He is VERY trusting, and he wants you to know that you can trust too. 

He has faith in the universe, in his journey, in himself. 


Don’t criticize what wants to be born. Let it all out, without a net, without second guessing yourself. Improvise. Become flexible and playful.

Allow yourself to follow your whims, the vague scent of the blue flower, the glimpse of beauty... 


The fool is also a card of great potential. There is a fresh, invigorating energy around your vision. The possibilities are endless since there is no fixed direction yet.


If you drew the Fool, your work is asking you to take risks.

Try something new!

Let your imagination guide you.

Be a bit crazy!


There is a lot of freedom in the Fool. He isn’t even bound by a number. Instead, he represent 0, pure, as yet unmanifested, energy. 

There are no right or wrong decision at the moment. To speak with Nike, 'Just do it!' when the Fool shows up. 

Leap, create, be wild, wander off into the sunset. Whatever will happen is part of a tremendous adventure!



Working with the Fool:


If the Fool came to you, you are ready to step outside the conventions. Yes, it might seem risky, but the Fool is not afraid of risks. He sets his own rules.

Revel in your uniqueness. Stand out! Walk your own path.

With this kind of energy, you can move mountains. And it's time now that you do!


Is there something brewing within you that you haven't done yet because it seemed too 'out there', too strange, too impractical?

Or have you been a perfectionist? Not sure if your creations are good enough?


Yes? Then know that now is the time to act!



Change your style!

Go down that unfamiliar, slightly scary path!


With the Fool by your side, you have everything you need. The universe will provide. All you have to do is stay true to your heart's work!