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The magician is a wonderful card to get as an alchemist. 


He is a conduit. He stands between heaven and earth, and he is the one connecting the two. His best work is received by opening up to the connection he has to a higher realm, and to allow inspiration to come in. 


Your work is asking you to let it flow. You are in the right place, at the right time. All is bent in your favour. It is your task now to open up and let through what wants to come. 


There is no struggle or hard work with the Magician. All you need to do your work is already available to you. Create the time and space to be 'taken over' by what wants to be birthed, and to let it in. 


Basically, Get out of your own way (overthinking, perfectionism...) and instead let the magic flow. 


If you believe it or not: You are ready to begin!

The time for prep work, procrastination, learning etc is over. Just open up, let go and RECEIVE! 

There is no need to keep tight control. Yes, things might develop differently than you imagined. What comes through might not fit with where you wanted to go. 

But trust it anyway! You are not your work. Instead you are the one birthing it into being.


The Magician's job is to actively channel the infinite, and to use it to create something tangible. 


Have confidence in your abilities! you are an empowered creator.


Working with the Magician:


The best way to connect to the Magician is to meditate. 

This doesn't mean that you have to sit down and focus on your breath. If you prefer, do a walking (or running) meditation. Observe your thoughts instead of allowing them to take over. Create space between yourself and your thinking. See your thoughts as clouds, drifting by. No need to attach to any of them...

Do that first thing in the morning. 

After your meditation, say to yourself: 'I know exactly what to do'.

Really feel it for a minute or two. Yes, you know what to do!


Then begin your work from this place of clarity. Don't second guess yourself, don't ponder. Instead, act with certainty and confidence.


If you drew this card, your work is telling you that you are the Magician, and you are ready!