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The Wild Unknown Tarot

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The Starchild Tarot

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The Rider Waite Tarot


Ahhh, the call of the moon...


This is the card of the night. Of dreams. Of intuition.

Of work that doesn’t make logical sense, that doesn’t follow a clear structure or a plot line. 


Instead, the moon asks you to dig deep, to go beyond logic and surface meaning to the things that can be known yet not explained. 


There is a different level of understanding that comes forth in the moon. It speaks of the subconscious. Feelings. The wisdom found in madness. Basically, you are being called to stop trying to make sense. This can be very difficult, since we are so conditioned to follow logic, a story line, rational thinking.


But your work wants you to turn to the landscape of dreams. The mystical. The unknowable. It doesn’t have to be rational, but it has to FEEL right!


Moon energy is untamed and can be bewildering. Anything can happen here. 

With the moon showing up, you are called to integrate your fantasies, dreams, anxieties and instincts into your work.


There is of course a darkness to the moon, but there also is a LOT of the mystical, the magic and the beauty of the undefinable. 



Working with the Moon:


Create something non-sensical

This can be some stream of consciousness writing.

Or an artwork where you allow seeming coincidence to take over. Throw paint at it. Use your hands. Paint with your eyes closed. 

Or take a photo that is purposefully blurred. I once did a series of self portraits in front of a mirror, dancing, putting the timer on and then swinging my camera on its strap, leaving the result up to chance. 

To my surprise, this produced some very powerful images (amongst the many unusable ones :-) ). 

When you drew the Moon card, you are invited to play with unusual ideas. 


Connect with the Moon

Literally connect with the light of the Moon. Go outside at night, best somewhere in nature, and take in the different atmosphere that comes with the darkness. See how the moon illuminates your surroundings. Things look so different than in the sunlight. The colours are much softer, the shadows are darker. There is such beauty here. 

Allow the energy of the night to inspire you and your work.