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Starchild Tarot

Starchild Tarot

Doing your own thing isn’t always easy. 


You want what you create to be impactful and authentic.

And yet, as creatives, we often get stuck in self-doubt or overthinking. We get distracted. We procrastinate. We can feel something wants to be born, but we just can’t grasp it. 


What works well for me in these times is to relax. To let go of the feeling of urgency, and do something more light-hearted and playful. Which is why I created Alchemystery. 


Instead of chasing your Business vision, you allow it to come to you.  


Your vision might still feel vague and unclear to you, but it already has a life of it’s own. 

It has a presence, an intent to be born. And it has knowledge that you can access.


How can you do that?


Below on this page, you will find 12 cards. Pick one!

Even if you think that your selection is totally random, in my experience this is never the case. 

You are always guided to what you need to know. 


The Starchild Tarot

The Starchild Tarot

The cards are a wonderful tool to stop circling around questions like:

Am I good enough?

Does what I create really convey who I am?

What will other people think?


Instead, you let your heart’s work speak to you. 


This is not an intellectual exercise, and you don't need to know anything about tarot to be able to do this. Just become aware of what you intuitively pick up. 


I use cards from three different decks to give you a wider range of impressions to draw from and connect to.

What are the images telling you?

What is the feeling you get?

Are you getting a sense of what your work wants you to know?



When you have received your own insights, you can read my take on the card you chose. 


Hold what is said lightly, play with it, see if it fits with the impressions you got, and allow it to open up a conversation between you and the creation waiting to be born.

Every Friday, I will shuffle the cards around so that you can come back here regularly, and the card you picked the last time will be in a different place.




I have Also provided a guided mediation to help you to relax and get centred before picking your  card:

Golden Sand Meditation

Choose your card, allowing your intuition to guide you

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