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The Rider Waite Tarot


In essence, the 6 of Cups reminds you to have fun! 


We can get stuck when we take ourselves and our work too seriously. And we also sometimes run into roadblocks. 

Things that worked for a while don’t work anymore, and we might feel empty and stuck. 


If you got this card, your work is telling you to lighten up!

What did you love to do as a child?

Remember how little it mattered if something didn’t work out the way you intended it to? You just accepted what came instead. You went with the flow, and you created freely. 


Yes, sometimes one door closes for you. That doesn’t mean that there are no other doors to explore. Open a different one! Let your intuition and your sense of fun guide you.

Take yourself and your great work less seriously.

Allow yourself to play, and stop being guided by what you think would sell, and instead be guided by what you enjoy.


We can get so set on one way of doing something that everything grinds to a halt when it doesn’t work out. This is not a catastrophe, its just a pivot point.


Become child-like again, stay in the present moment and create what wants to come out in that moment. Use your memories. Connect with your ancestors. With your dreams. With the plans you used to have.


And know that there is a wealth of beauty and colour to be found beneath the bleak looking surface!



Working with the Six of Cups:


Take yourself on an artists date!

Like Julie Cameron suggests in the 'Artist's Way', taking yourself on an artists date can work wonders to rekindle a spirit of fun and playfulness. 


How does it work?

You deliberately decide to use an afternoon (or morning, or weekend) to do something just for the fun of it. Something that inspires you. Something that delights your inner child and brings some magic back into your life. 

This can be a visit to a bead shop.

Or to the botanical garden.

Check out an art gallery or museum.

Spend a couple of hours browsing in a book store.

Find the highest building around and see if you can get to the roof.

Take your camera on an exploration, taking pictures of things that inspire you, or of one particular subject (pigeons, graffiti, blue cars, weirdly dressed people, coffeeshops, subway stations....).

Go to your town's university and listen to a lecture.

Buy yourself some magazine you never looked at (Astro Physics, Composting, Men's Health...) and read them sitting in a cafe. 

Sit in the lobby (or bar) of the poshest hotel in town. Dress up for the occasion and get inspired by the atmosphere and the people. 

Invite your friends and cook a 5 course meal.

Or do whatever else you find exciting and invigorating. 


Honour your ancestors

Find out more about your family, your grandparents and great-grandparents. Where did they live? What did they do? Is there somebody you can talk to about your ancestry? Are there photographs you don't know yet?

While doing your research, see if one of your forefathers or -mothers inspires you. Do you feel connected to this person? Why?

Can you find out more about them? Hang up a photograph? Talk to them regularly? Ask them for advice? Either in your head, or in writing.

You might be surprised by the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that is suddenly available to you when you connect to those who came before you.