WEEK 2 - Day 9

Working with your vision Two

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Today, we will continue to integrate your vision into your life:

Every evening, before falling asleep, visualise yourself living your vision.

Go into great detail, see and feel yourself going through your day-to-day life, and enjoy living your best life now!

This should be a really fun thing to do. Just be careful to stay away from the ‘How’. While visualising, it’s not your job to decide how it’s going to happen.

It will unfold along the path of least resistance.

Your job is to HOLD THE VISION!

To bring it into your NOW.


Get all your senses involved. Feel and hear and smell and touch and talk.

And then fall asleep while still immersed in your vision.

When you sleep, your resistance drops. Which means that whatever you take with into sleep has a much better chance of being realised.

Since this also applies to worries and fears, it’s so much better to hold good thoughts right before sleep.

Your vision is also a great script to run when you wake up at 3 in the morning. Much, MUCH better than thinking about all the difficulties and worries you have!


Working with your vision in this way will quite likely bring up ’yeah, but’s’!'.

This is good.

Collect them.. 

Whenever you realise that a part of you has doubts, worries, fears, concerns, negative comments or complaints, write them down!

These are the thoughts that run your life in the background.

It’s the stuff responsible for you not having what you want now already!

We need to get it out into the open. 

So, whenever you catch yourself saying something limiting, either in your head or out loud, write it down, and see which belief got you to say that.

Once you found a belief that limits you, you can change it. Which we will do soon! 

But first you’ve gotta mine for these thoughts.

Action Steps:

  • Every evening, visualise for at least 5 minutes. See yourself living your vision. Become fully immersed in it. Feel it, smell it, touch it!

  • Stay present to the voices telling you that things don’t work this way, that this is bullshit, that you will never achieve your vision anyway, and so on. Write down whatever comes up!