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The Summit aka your VISION

time to get personal!

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To consciously create a great life, You’ve gotta know what you want!

What do you value?

What makes you happy?

What is important to you?

Without knowing that, your life will be random, and you’ll get chased around by the urgencies of day-to-day happenings and other people’s agendas. 

If you have a vision, you know what to say Yes! to and what to let go of. This makes life so much simpler, and helps with making daily choices that matter in the long run.

Your vision is like a blueprint for your life. 

There are a gazillion different ways in which you could live your life. 

Through creating a vision you narrow these options down.

You make decisions about who you are, and what you would like to stand for in this lifetime. 

This is important work!


Which is why I would suggest you take some time with it.

Create space to allow yourself to dream your best life into being, and to write the perfect-for-you script. Yes, it will probably change a bit over time.

But the big things, the way of being that is in alignment with your soul, with who you are at the core, won’t change.

Instead, those things will guide you.

Help you to avoid shiny object syndrome. Keep you focused on what truly matters, instead of following some siren’s song into disaster (= a life frittered away on unimportant stuff that doesn’t make you happy).

Who do you decide to be?

What do you decide to experience and have?

Which identity would you like to embody?

What excites you the most?

What do you want, from your heart and soul?

In short, What is truly aligned with who you are?

Let’s find out!

journal light-min.jpg

If you like to, you can ‘set the stage’ for your vision work.

Clean your house, get fresh flowers, take a bath with epson salt and smudge your home and yourself with some sage or palo alto. Do a meditation to connect with your higher self. Use a beautiful journal to write your vision.

None of this is necessary, but it’s often easier for creative people to get connected and inspired when everything is ‘just so’.

The main thing is that you really tune in to what you want your life to be about.

To begin coaxing your vision out, ask yourself:

In a totally ideal world, how would I love my life to look like? 

What is aligned with who I am?

Then start to just write, fill the pages without censoring, without order or logic, just let come whatever is coming.

In case you get stuck, here are some questions to get you inspired:

alchemists adventure

  • How do I look and feel physically?

  • What am I wearing?

  • Where do I live?

  • What does my place look like?

  • Whom do I live with?

  • What’s my daily routine?

  • What’s my spiritual practice?

  • What work do I do?

  • How much money is coming in? From where? How much have I saved?

  • What do I do for fun?

  • What is important to me?

  • What do I stand for?

  • What do I contribute?

  • What brings me joy?

  • What legacy am I creating?

  • Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life?

When you have written all that you can think of, we have one more powerful question to answer:

Whom do you envy?

Jealousy is a beautiful pointer to what you are not allowing yourself to experience. Examine what it is the someone else has got, and see if you would also like to be, do, or have that.

Include it into your vision, it is yours and belongs to you!

When you’re done with that, put your vision aside for a while, let it simmer, and come back to it later or the next day.


Welcome back :)

Let’s begin by reading through what you have written so far.

Then clean up the sentences, find exactly the right words for what you want to say, make it as beautiful, exciting, and as alluring as you possibly can. 

Does it make you feel expansive and excited and a little bit scared?

Is it the best life you could possibly imagine?

Does it light you up?

Do you feel really, really good reading it?

Yes? Great! This means it is aligned with who you truly are!

That’s the main work done for this second part of the course! We will use what you have written going forward. Remember that your vision is a living thing, so whenever you realise that something could be even more perfect, change it. Allow it to grow, and to truly represent the person you would like to become.

Still feeling creative?

Then you can also create a vision board around your written blueprint.

Get some magazines, and find images that represent your vision. Arrange them on a vision board, together with your writing.

Or go to Pinterest, collect some pictures there, and then turn it into a collage with befunky.

(Btw: befunky doesn't work well in my Safari browser, and much better in Google Chrome. So if you have any issues with the program try using a different browser.)

I have created a tutorial in case you don’t know how to do an electronic vision board.

(If you know how to use Pinterest and download pics from there to your computer, you can go straight to minute 4:35 to get the befunky part of the tutorial). To add your written vision, take a picture of it, and then add it to the collage like any of the other pics.


You have created the blueprint for your greatest life!

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