WEEK 1 - Day 4

The Power of habits


Hello sweets,

Some of the things you will be introduced to over the next couple of weeks have to be turned into habits to truly work well.

Once something is a habit you don’t have to use much energy to get yourself to actually do it. 

It just happens, like brushing your teeth, or, in my case, walking the dog (which I have been known to do, on autopilot, even though my dog was staying with a friend…).

Habits make it much easier to stay the course!


The lessons to be turned into habits are marked with this sign:

habits icon.png

Practically, this means that you to do them Every. Single. Day!

Until something becomes a habit, you can use a ‘habit tracker’ to remind yourself daily.

I made you a track sheet to download to get you started.

Fill in the categories and tick it off once something got done. 

It’s a simple system, but it has a big effect to keep what you want to do front and centre, and to get you to actually do it!

Here are the categories I use:

Lemon water (first thing in the morning. You could for example also add ‘drink 2 litres daily’ )

Morning Yoga stretches (just a short routine to ‘wake up’)

Visioning (see Day 8 for more on this)


Letting the message through, aka daily writing

Green Smoothie

A whole bunch of business related things I need to do daily (marketing, selling, social media, content creation etc.)

Inspiration (this means reading or listening to something that gives me new ideas)

Healthy Food (for me, that currently means no sugar, nothing processed, no white flour, no milk products, no alcohol). On some days, I deliberately enjoy a piece of cake or a glass of wine, but the general tenor is to eat healthily.


Money in

Money out 

Overall (this is for my mood and helps to see that the way I feel oscillates. Meaning even if I feel tired or blah I know this will likely be better by tomorrow, and I won’t use it as an excuse to not do the work).

Visualizing (see Day 9 for that)

Guided meditation (I planned to do that every evening before falling asleep, but I tend to drift off during my visualizing already. I will drop this category on my next planner sheet)

Weekly check-in (this one is a great to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, how you felt during the week, and what you would like to change for the next one. If you use the one-week tracker sheet, it’s also the time to prepare next week’s habit tracker.

A friend told me that it’s silly to remind myself to drink lemon water.

This might be true, but since it’s something that does me good but that I don’t do unless I remind myself, it’s on my list.

The green smoothie on the other hand has pretty much become a habit by now, and will be taken off soon (just like there is no category for dogwalk, shower, make Eva’s lunch box etc. All this is stuff that I don’t forget anyway).

In choosing your own categories, it’s very important to start with the person who already lives your vision:

What is she doing daily?

Which habits does she have?

What has she integrated into her life?

For example, if her place always looks beautiful and tidy, ask her how she does it.

Maybe she has a cleaning lady?

Or she goes through the house every evening and cleans stuff up?

Some things I suggest you definitely add are:


15 - 20 minutes a  day, every day. 


Just sit, with a straight spine, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing or on a quiet, regular sound in the room.

I listen to the Schumann Resonance during meditation. It is repetitive, keeps my mind busy (especially when I turn the volume down pretty low so that I have to focus to hear it), and aligns me with the vibration of the earth. Which helps with staying grounded and in the present moment. 

To give yourself a ‘jumpstart’ of getting in the zone, turn your closed eyes inwards and upwards until they start fluttering when you begin your mediation.


The moment you get ‘out of your head’ and let go of the repetitive thoughts we think all the time, your vibration automatically rises. You are now aligned with the larger part of you that currently isn’t incarnated. Here, all the knowledge, wisdom and experience of your soul is available to you. 

Plus, your frequency rises considerably. Which means you create a different reality. 

A definite win-win, so please add meditation, do it, and track it until it is a firmly ingrained good-for-you habit! 


Your body is made to be moved!

You know all the reasons why exercise is good for you, so I won’t repeat them here. There are plenty of youtube videos that make it easy to follow a routine. Personally, I love the courses by Janinne Murray. You can find them on Daily Om. I am currently doing this one, plus some yoga.

Just do it! 30 to 45 minutes a day, mixing up different things (stretching, weights, cardio), plus a walk. 

Mood of the day

This shows you that it’s possible to separate the way you feel from the things you do!

I would definitely track your mood of the day, as it brings things into perspective. Yes, you might feel crappy today, but you can show up anyway, and things will look better in a day or two.

You can use numbers or arrows pointing in different directions to track your mood.

For today’s action step, create your own habit tracking sheet, hang it up somewhere prominent, and fill it in daily!

You’ve got this!